Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 35

04 Mar, 2019

Hi everyone! It’s time to deal with Slicer and rescue Nara in the climax of this arc. Will they be able to defeat the Ximian gang boss? Find out in Episode 35! Audio-only (Podbean): – Ed

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 34

25 Feb, 2019

Hi everyone! Reluflissy has been ambushed and forced to fight for her life… but what does that mysterious Eulutian know about Nara? And can she defeat the enemies in time to find out? Audio-only (Podbean): – Ed

A Busy 2019 already!

21 Feb, 2019

Hi everyone! You might have noticed that we’ve been particularly busy this year, and there’s a good reason for it. With The Bug War #3: Mobilisation, Era: Lyres Definitive Edition, The Era Zone and Blue-Shift #2 all within the last 2 months, you might think we’ve gone crazy! Knowing that we’re also delivering rewards from … Continue reading A Busy 2019 already!

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 33

18 Feb, 2019

Ka’tal has found a heavily fortified building and Reluflissy is walking towards an unknown location after buying a “thought-detecting tracking device”. Neither seem to have made much progress towards saving Nara (although we did answer whether they want to!). Find out what happens next in this week’s episode… Audio-only (Podbean): – Ed

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 32

11 Feb, 2019

Oh no! Nara has been captured by Slicer! What will the team be able to do? Can they save her in time, before he exacts his revenge? More importantly, will they want to? It is Nara, after all! Find out in the latest episode of Stiletto Unit 447CE: Audio-only (Podbean): – Ed

The Era Zone – a Zine celebrating all our games!

07 Feb, 2019

Hi everyone! I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that “The Era Zone” – our contribution to Zine Quest and a celebration of all of our games to date – is on Kickstarter now: I wanted to let you all know that there’s a special deal available for those who back early, … Continue reading The Era Zone – a Zine celebrating all our games!

Stileto Unit 447CE – Episode 31

04 Feb, 2019

Hi everyone! What did you all think of our brand new opening and closing sequences? To celebrate our 30th Episode, we dropped it in there to see whether anyone would notice! Well, I have another episode for you (and a chance to check if you missed it!) today… Audio-only (Podbean): With Reluflissy losing her … Continue reading Stileto Unit 447CE – Episode 31

Don’t forget Discord!

31 Jan, 2019

Hi everyone! I just want to remind you about two things: Firstly, we have a Discord Server. It’s the best place to ask us questions about the games, or to get involved in some of the amazing events we have coming up to celebrate Era: The Consortium’s 5th Anniversary. There’s a chance to get your … Continue reading Don’t forget Discord!

Introducing: The Era Zone

17 Jan, 2019

Hi everyone! We’ve said for a long time that we believe in supporting all of our games – putting the books out is only the first step of game creation. The Era Zone is our response to Kickstarter’s Zine Quest: a 28-page Zine which will be available in both Digital and Physical formats. Inside every … Continue reading Introducing: The Era Zone

Welcome Back, Lyres Definitive Edition, Mobilisation and more!

10 Jan, 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2019! We’re back since our break and we have a huge amount to talk about today… Firstly, we have launched two Make100 projects in the last two weeks: Era: Lyres – Definitive Edition ( Enter the world of Era: Lyres like never before with the Definitive Edition! Already Funded and past … Continue reading Welcome Back, Lyres Definitive Edition, Mobilisation and more!

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 27

07 Jan, 2019

Hi everyone! With a new year comes new challenges. Reluflissy’s decision may have ramifications for the future of Stiletto Unit but, for now, it is made and must be carried out. Will Ka’tal reach the injured Human in time to save her? Will Katana Unit attempt to eliminate Stiletto Unit? Audio only on Podbean: … Continue reading Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 27

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 26

31 Dec, 2018

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! We decided not to release over Christmas, as we figured everyone would be very busy, but New Year’s Eve is long and we thought we’d give you an episode to help fill it! Audio only on Podbean: With the assault force eliminated and a Shuttle approaching the Pod, Reluflissy … Continue reading Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 26

What to expect in 2019!

27 Dec, 2018

Hi everyone! As it is the last Thursday of this year, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the first few things you can expect to see from us in 2019. There’s some amazing stuff in here, so if you want to know what we have planned, just read on… Era: The Consortium … Continue reading What to expect in 2019!

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 25

17 Dec, 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to the next episode of Stiletto Unit 447CE! (Audio only on Podbean: With communications cut off, the team struggle to try to co-ordinate their efforts. Bonsai, faced with a squad of murderous thugs, has a choice to make and Ka’tal must decide what to do when he sees an unidentified spacesuit … Continue reading Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 25

2018 Retrospective

13 Dec, 2018

Hi everyone! We’ll be taking the rest of the year off making posts (although I’ll still be doing game development, of course). However, I wanted to indulge in our usual end of year tradition: the restrospective of this year. So, what have we actually produced this year? Era: Balam – Fate and Savage Worlds versions … Continue reading 2018 Retrospective

Era: The Chosen tabletop rpg game

Games Update!

06 Dec, 2018

Hi everyone! Ed here, to give you another of our regular updates on games that are in production but not yet delivered! Battlecruiser Alamo RPG was committed for December and is going well but, due to the Christmas postage rush, we suspect we may not get it out by the end of the year. Instead, … Continue reading Games Update!

Era: The Consortium – The Secret War – Fate of the Enemy Campaign available now on DriveThruRPG!

04 Dec, 2018

Hi everyone! A fantastic opportunity today on DriveThruRPG – for the first time, you can get the Fate of the Enemy campaign, produced for Era: The Consortum’s Secret War expansion! Previously, you had to be a Kickstarter backer from several years ago in order to have access to it, but it’s now available to anyone … Continue reading Era: The Consortium – The Secret War – Fate of the Enemy Campaign available now on DriveThruRPG!

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 23

03 Dec, 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our actual play campaign, Stiletto Unit 447CE. With Nara rescued from floating in space through Ka’tal’s heroic actions, the team return to Old Bob to report their success. However, not everything is as straightforward as they might like… – Ed

Dragonmeet on Saturday!

29 Nov, 2018

Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder today that it’s Dragonmeet on Saturday! We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone who makes it there – I hope you’ll join us to talk Era games, Champion of Earth, Evil Overlord and more! And some good news for US-based people – we’re going to be starting to do … Continue reading Dragonmeet on Saturday!

Era: The Consortium Wave 2 Expansions Bundle available now on DriveThruRPG!

27 Nov, 2018

Hi everyone! We’ve finished the release of Expansions Volume 2 on DriveThruRPG now, so you can get a bundle with all of them from right here: If you already have them all, don’t worry… there’s a lot more coming soon for Era: The Consortium! – Ed

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 22

26 Nov, 2018

Hi everyone! Nara, who failed to convince Ixitanka she should be kept alive in her form of Guard Sergeant Bob, has been ejected into space! The team must now race against time to rescue their larcenous colleague. Will Ka’tal, Reluflissy and Bonsai be able to save her before she runs out of air? And … Continue reading Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 22

Era: Hitman – The Ambassador

25 Nov, 2018

Hi everyone! When Era: Hitman was released, there were a few sessions which were created in addition to the Rulebook. One of those was “The Ambassador” and I’ve finally been able to release it on our Store for the first time today! At under $1, it’s a great little treat for yourself… Don’t miss … Continue reading Era: Hitman – The Ambassador

Era: Balam – Fate Version – now available on DriveThruRPG!

20 Nov, 2018

Hi everyone! The Fate version of Era: Balam, created by me and adapted by the amazing Nick Bate, has now been released on DriveThruRPG for those of you who want to get hold of it on there!–Fate-Edition Era: Balam is a unique little game and I think this Fate adaptation was the better of … Continue reading Era: Balam – Fate Version – now available on DriveThruRPG!